Do you have any advice for how to present myself in my profile?

Yes, we do!

To stand out from the crowd, we recommend that you

Here are our top five recommendations to make your profile standout to employers:

  • Showcase your work experience going back to your undergraduate graduation. If you are still in school, include your two most meaningful internships and relevant extracurricular activities. This is not the place for activities or part time experiences either. If you have graduated more than a year ago, we recommend only including full time internships not activities and such that you did during undergraduate. Those experiences can be included on your resume. Add three bullets per experience, and tag each experience by industry and the type of role you performed.
  • Highlight relevant skill that make you stand out as an employee, including technical skills, languages, or tasks at which you excel.
  • Share your personality by including a fun fact so that employers get to know you as a person. Fun facts gives employers a point of connection and helps spark conversation. Examples could include “I qualified for Olympic Trials in swimming,” or “I have 11 siblings.”
  • Upload a photo that is professional appropriate - something that is professional and appropriate for the industry you are trying to work in.
  • Include a resume and LinkedIn profile so that employers can find out the additional information they need about your experiences and skills.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team (hiring@smartly) and we can provide personalized feedback.

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