June 2017 - Slack Exercise Schedule

Welcome to Smartly! Here’s the exercise schedule for the duration of your program. The schedule serves as a guide to help you anticipate upcoming exercises, and to revisit exercises if you so choose.

About Exercises

Exercises are designed to complement what you’re learning in Smartly courses. They are a useful jumping off point to help you interact with fellow students.

Where Can I Find Exercises?

Each week, exercises will be posted and “pinned” in Slack. This will make it easy for you to view them at any time. This schedule will note which channel each exercise is "pinned" to: to find it, go to that channel and click the pin icon.

You can also search “New Smartly Exercise!” in your Slack window. 

What’s Involved in Exercises?

In an exercise, you’ll typically be asked to respond to an article or detailed scenario. In a case study, you’ll be asked to place yourself in the role of business decision-maker.

Do Exercises Affect My Grade?

With exercises, you can improve your grade and work towards an honors degree through participation.

Exercise Schedule

June 19, 2017: #_general   
June 21, 2017: #_general
June 25, 2017: #_general
The Role of Education in the New Job Landscape
Accounting I: Fundamentals
June 28, 2017: #_general
July 2, 2017: #_general
Statistics: One-Variable Statistics
Finance: Time Value of Money
July 5, 2017: #_general
July 9, 2017: #_general
How Serious is Your Startup Scandal?
Stocks and Bonds (Video Exercise)
July 12, 2017: #_general
July 16, 2017: #accounting
Accounting IV: Working with Ratios
Managerial Accounting
July 19, 2017: #markets-and-economies
July 23, 2017: #markets-and-economies
Microeconomics I: Supply and Demand
Microeconomics III: Markets and Externalities (Video Exercise)
July 26, 2017: #markets-and-economies
July 30, 2017: #markets-and-economies
Macroeconomics: Economic Fluctuations
Macroeconomics: US Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Aug. 9, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Aug. 13, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Probability Fundamentals
Probability Distributions (Video Exercise)
Aug. 16, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Aug. 20, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Data Collection; Two-Variable Statistics
Regression Analysis
Aug. 23, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Aug. 27, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Excel for Two-Variable Statistics and Regression Analysis
Data Collection
Aug. 30, 2017: #data-and-decisions
Inferential Statistics: Making Data-Driven Decisions
Sept. 2, 2017 - Sept. 17, 2017 Midterm Exam and Review Period: No Exercises!
Sept. 20, 2017: #leading-organizations
Sept. 24, 2017: #leading-organizations
Organizational Structure and Culture (Video Exercise)
Case Study: Sustainability in the Auto Industry
Sept. 27, 2017: #leading-organizations
Oct. 1, 2017: #leading-organizations
Theories of Leadership
Developing a Corporate Philosophy
Oct. 4, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing
Oct. 8, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing
Marketing Fundamentals 
Marketing Mechanics
Oct. 11, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing    
Oct. 15, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing
Brand Development and Management
Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
Oct. 18, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing    
Oct. 22, 2017: #marketing-and-pricing
Pricing I: Fundamentals
Pricing II: Price Segmentation to Maximize Profit (Video Exercise)
Oct. 25, 2017: #finance
Oct. 29, 2017: #finance
Cost of Capital I: Capital Structure
Cost of Capital II: Modigliani Miller Theorem
Nov. 1, 2017: #finance
Nov. 5, 2017: #finance
Capital Budgeting
Valuation I: Discounted Free Cash Flow
Nov. 8, 2017: #finance    
Nov. 12, 2017: #operations-management
Valuation II: Putting the Pieces Together (Video Exercise)
Project Management
Nov. 22, 2017: #operations-management
Nov. 26, 2017: #operations-management
Operations Management Fundamentals
Managing Uncertainty of Demand
Nov. 29, 2017: #operations-management    
Dec. 3, 2017: #operations-management
Forecasting Fundamentals
Supply Chain Management (Video Exercise)
Dec. 6, 2017: #strategy
Dec. 8, 2017: #strategy
Case Study: Strategy I
Case Study: Strategy I (continued)
Dec. 11, 2017: #strategy
Dec. 13, 2017: #strategy
Case Study: Strategy I (continued)
Strategy III: International Strategy (Video Exercise)

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