What types of employers and jobs are in the network?

We have a wide range of recruiters and hiring managers who have signed up with Smartly Talent. Some are established, multinational companies, including Amazon, CapitalOne, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Others are innovative, mid-sized companies like Mosaic, Better Mortgage, and PatientPing. We also have relationships with pioneering startups like CareDox, Bubble.is, and Fluence. We have just over 200 companies signed up (as of August 2017) to date, and are signing up more every week. We are working tirelessly to add new features to our hiring platform and effectively create a marketplace for both our candidates and employers.

Partner recruiters and hiring managers are looking to fill a wide range of positions including technical, business, and sales positions. They include software engineering, operations, marketing, product management, content, data science, business development, strategy, and more. 

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