Winter 2016 - Midterm Exam

Here are some facts about the midterm to help you prepare: 

  • In order to be eligible to take the midterm exam, you will need to have completed all courses in the Accounting, Markets and Economies, and Data and Decisions concentrations.
  • The exam consists of several lessons similar to SMARTCASES. (No open response; the same format to what you are familiar with in Smartly.)
  • After completing a lesson, you will not see your final score.
  • Unlike SMARTCASEs, you will not be able to retake any of the midterm lessons.
  • You have a window of time during which you can take the exam. You can find the start and end dates for the midterm in the Course Syllabus.
  • You have 48 hours from when you start the exam to submit it for grading.
  • Midterm results will be available by March 10th. 

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