Midterm Exam

Here are some facts about the midterm to help you prepare: 

  • In order to be eligible to take the midterm exam, you will need to have completed all courses in the Accounting, Markets and Economies, and Data and Decisions concentrations.
  • The exam consists of several lessons with the same format as SMARTCASES, meaning there are no open response questions, and your answer is submitted as soon as it's clicked. You will not be able to revise answers or return to previous questions.
  • After completing a lesson, you will not see your final score. Upon completing the entire exam, your score will appear on the course page.
  • Unlike SMARTCASEs, you will not be able to retake any of the midterm lessons.
  • You have a window of time during which you can take the exam. You can find the start and end dates for the midterm in your Course Syllabus.
  • You have 48 hours from when you start the exam (by clicking on the first lesson) to submit it for grading. The midterm takes an average of 2-4 hours to complete.

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