The EMBA Concentration Exams

What do the exams cover?

Exams are made available after each concentration has completed according to your schedule.

What are the exams like?

  • All the exams are open book exams. That means you can use any notes that you have, your Course Summaries, and reference any of the Smartly courses in order to complete the exams.
  • The exam consists of several lessons, which are similar in format to SMARTCASEs in that there are no open response questions.
  • Like SMARTCASEs, your answer is submitted as soon as it's clicked. You will not be able to revise answers or return to previous questions.
  • Unlike SMARTCASEs, you will not be able to retake any part of the exams.

When are the exams? 

  • You’ll have 48 hours from the time you start an exam to complete it. 
  • You’ll need to finish each exam before the exam window closes (on the "End Date") for each
  • Each exam starts on the "Start Date" at 1 AM PT and ends on the "End Date" at 1 AM PT.

How long are the exams?

It should take you about half an hour to an hour to complete each exam.

How should I study for the exams?

You should study by reviewing the relevant Smartly courses, SMARTCASEs, and Course Summaries.

Additionally, you might see review courses associated with some of the concentrations, like this one for Accounting.  

How do I become eligible to take the exams?

In order to be eligible to take an exam, you will need to have completed all courses in that concentration before proceeding with the exam.

What is considered a passing exam score?

A grade of 70 or above is considered a passing score. Your score will appear on the exam course page after you complete the exam.


If you have any other questions about the exams, you can ask your classmates in the Slack group or send us an email at

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