What is Smartly Talent and how does it work?

Smartly Talent is our Career Network, where we connect candidates with top companies and innovative startups. 


We have a wide range of recruiters and hiring managers who have signed up with Smartly Talent. These include recruiters and hiring managers from established, multinational companies (e.g. CapitalOne), while others are innovative, mid-sized companies (e.g. Better Mortgage) or pioneering startups (e.g. CareDox). We have signed up recruiters and hiring managers from over 200 companies, and are signing up more every week. 


There are two types of people enrolled in Smartly Talent: Smartly students (learners enrolled in our MBA, EMBA, or certificate programs) and candidates who apply to the Smartly Talent career network directly.

As a Smartly student, you'll have indicated whether you're interested in joining a new company in the next 6 months as part of your application. If you selected "Inactive" for this section, your profile will not be made visible in Smartly Talent following your acceptance to a Smartly program or the career network.

Once you're enrolled as a student, you can change whether your profile is visible in Smartly Talent at any time. See  this article for detailed instructions on how to change your status.

How it works

Once you're active in the Smartly Talent career network, your profile will be shown to partner employers who are looking to grow their teams. Companies will reach out to you requesting to connect; from there, you can quickly set up interviews and land your dream job. 

Your role as a candidate is to monitor any activity on your profile, or messages from employers: once an employer reaches out, respond quickly and professionally to ensure the highest chance of securing placement through our hiring network. You can also express interest in positions to help facilitate better matches with employers.

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