What is Smartly's Career Network and how does it work?

Smartly's Career Network is where we connect our job-seeking candidates with top companies and innovative startups.


A wide range of recruiters and hiring managers have signed up with Smartly's Career Network, ranging from multinational corporations (e.g. CapitalOne), to innovative, mid-sized companies (e.g. Better Mortgage) to pioneering startups (e.g. CareDox), and we sign up more every month. Smartly's Career Network is in it's early stages: Hiring managers and recruiters from over 300 companies have signed up, but keep in mind that the number of active companies in a given month may vary. 


Smartly's Career Network is accessible to Smartly students (learners enrolled in our MBA, Executive MBA, or certificate programs) and candidates who apply to the Smartly Talent career network directly.

When applying to Smartly, you'll have indicated whether you're interested in joining a new company in the next 6 months as part of your application. If you selected "Inactive" for this section, your profile will not be made visible in Smartly's Career Network following your acceptance to a Smartly program or the career network.

As a Smartly candidate, you can change whether your profile is visible in Smartly's Career Network at any time. 

How it works

Once you’re active in the career network, take a look at our Featured Positions to see openings that companies are currently looking to fill. Apply with one click to positions you’re qualified for and we’ll share your profile with hiring managers at those companies.

Employers can also discover your profile by searching our career network and will proactively reach out to you about their opportunities when there’s a fit.

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