What is Smartly's Career Network?

Smartly's Career Network is a hiring platform that provides employers access to a curated pool of top talent. Our admissions team vets every candidate, whether for our learning programs or just to join the career network, looking for the best experience, skills, and education. You can find students from our MBA, Executive MBA, and Certificate programs as well as highly qualified job market candidates that come from leading colleges and universities, and many work in tech, finance, and consulting at top companies like McKinsey, Google, and Morgan Stanley as well as innovative startups. 

Then, you are able to connect with Smartly candidates by searching and proactively reaching out to qualified candidates in our network or by posting an opportunity for candidates to apply to. Before you review candidates, Smartly uses a combination of AI and manual curation to make sure interested candidates have the skills and experience you’re looking for so that you spend your time with the best and don’t waste time sifting through unqualified resumes. 

For more information, visit  https://smart.ly/employers/recruit-our-candidates

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