Sample schedule of the Fundamentals of Business Certificate

Following this schedule for the Smartly Business Certificate is recommended but not required. 

~Course Schedule~

Week 1 Finance: Time Value of Money    
Accounting I: Fundamentals       
Week 2 Accounting II: Revenues and Expenses        
Stocks and Bonds      
Week 3 Accounting III: Financial Statements        
Cost of Capital I: Capital Structure
Finance & Accounting Exam
Week 4 Microeconomics I: Supply and Demand      
Microeconomics II: Shape Your Economic Worldview
Week 5 Microeconomics III: Markets and Externalities
Microeconomics Exam
One-Variable Statistics     
Week 6 Two-Variable Statistics
Regression Analysis     
Statistics Basics Exam
Optional Electives Marketing Fundamentals      
Marketing Mechanics
Excel for One-Variable Statistics
Excel for Two-Variable Statistics and Regression Analysis
Pivot Table Fundamentals

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