How does "My Positions" work?

My Positions allows employers to post an open role for Smartly candidates to express interest in. Smartly Talent then suggests qualified candidates for employers to consider so that employers can connect with candidates who are already interested in your company. 

To create a position, visit My Positions in your dashboard and click "Add Position." Once in the Positions editor its quick to post a Position, you only need to provide basic information - position title, role, location, and position type. 

While not required, you're also able to add a link to the job post on your website, a description of the role, compensation information, and desired skills. To see all of the available fields, select "Show Additional Fields" at the bottom of the Positions editor. 

After you've entered the information about your opening, click "Preview" to see the Position as it will appear for Smartly candidates. If you like what you see, you're able to post the position from the preview page or you can return to the editor through "Edit details." You're also able to "Save as Draft" if you aren't ready to post the opening. 

As Smartly candidates express interest in your Position, you'll be able to review those candidates, organized by posted Position, in My Positions. Just click "Review" to bring up the Smartly profiles of interested candidates. 

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