Smartly Institute History


We value where we've been—our foundation in building a new and exciting future of business and management education. 

Date Key Event
2013 Pedago was founded in 2013 by Tom Adams, Alexie Harper, and Ori Ratner with a mission to change how we all learn. 
2014 Pedago created Smartly in 2014, inspired by a desire to bring Active Learning practices to the educational technology sector that's dominated today by passive learning approaches.  
2016 In 2016, Smartly launched its Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree program and accepted its first cohort of MBA students.
2017 In 2017, Smartly accepted the first cohort into its Executive MBA degree program.
2018 In 2018, Smartly became "Smartly Institute."
“We’re passionate about expanding access to impactful education here at Smartly, and we believe that a free, high-quality MBA is an important step in this journey.” - Alexie Harper, co-founder and CPO

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