How to verify your ID with IDology

In order to verify your identity, you will be using IDology to scan a government-issued photo ID.  

To get started, look for the identity verification notification on your home screen when you sign in to your Smartly account.

Enter a phone number or email address that is accessible from a smartphone or tablet with a camera to receive a link and begin the process.  Please note that you can pause the ID verification process at any time, but the links are time-sensitive so you will need to enter your information again to receive a new link.

IDology will ask you to select your country, ID type, and then take photos of your ID as well as a photo of yourself.  For tips on taking a good photo please click here.

Once your photos have been accepted you will be directed back to Smartly for the results of your verification.

What if my verification fails

  • Ensure you are clicking the IDology link from a Smartphone or tablet
  • Don't forget to click the Choose File button

  • In a well-light room, turn off overhead lights to reduce glare
  • Check out additional photo tips
  • Confirm that the ID you are using matches what you chose in the dropdown, or try a new ID type!
  • For additional support, email us at

I can't find the Identity Verification Notification

Currently, this feature is being tested, if you do not see this verification notification on your home screen, you are not required to follow these steps at this time.  We'll keep you updated of any requirement changes!

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