Am I required to provide official documents (transcript, etc.)?

If you are accepted, yes, we will require copies of official documentation to confirm your identity, eligibility and reported scores from your application.
ID verification

At the start of the program, Smartly Institute verifies student identity. The Institute contracts with IDology, a leading provider of identity verification solutions. Through IDology’s hosted ID verification process, students are asked to scan a government-issued photo ID. It then asks the student to take a live photo of themselves. From there, IDology verifies the authenticity of the scanned documents and performs a facial comparison of the ID to the live photo.  You can read more here.

Official transcripts

Smartly Institute requires that you submit an official transcript for the highest completed degree listed on your application. We recommend official digital transcripts, as they are less likely to get lost in the mail. However, official physical transcripts are also acceptable. Please note that Smartly Institute cannot be responsible for transcripts which do not make it to their destination. Additionally, please directly email us copies of transcripts for all other completed degrees.

An official transcript includes the registrar's original signature and/or the original seal of the issuing institution. We are unable to accept copies, scans, or any other unofficial version of the transcript. Transcripts must be submitted in English, or must be translated into English before submission.
Official digital transcripts sent directly from your degree-granting institution are also acceptable. Official digital transcripts should be emailed by your degree-granting institution to:
Official transcripts must be mailed or emailed directly from a Registrar’s office to the Smartly Registrar. (You can opt to send the transcripts yourself, but the transcripts must be in an envelope sealed by the Registrar). 
Official documents should be submitted to:
Smartly Institute
c/o Smartly Registrar
3000 K Street NW, Suite 275
Washington, DC 20007
What is an official transcript? 
An official transcript is an official copy of a student’s educational record at an educational institution. It usually lists all courses taken, final grades received, credits (and honors) earned, and degrees or certifications awarded including corresponding dates of enrollment and completion. 
A transcript can also be referred to as an academic record, a diploma supplement, a statement of learning, a record of achievement or something similar. Diplomas do not constitute a transcript, and so must be accompanied by a Diploma Supplement if your institution does not offer transcripts to students. 
Please contact us at if you have questions about what does and does not constitute an official transcript. 
What if my transcript is not in English? 
Transcripts that are not in English need to be evaluated by an appropriate third party and translated into English or evaluated by a trained transcript evaluator fluent in the language of the transcript. 
If your transcripts are not in English, please follow the above instructions to have your institution send Smartly an official transcript. You must also arrange to have Smartly sent a version of the translated transcript. 
Please see here for additional information about how to send Smartly a translated version of your transcript. 
Only one copy of my Academic Record exists, and it is in my possession. Should I send it to you?
In most cases, the best way to provide your transcript is to have it sent directly from your degree-granting institution. If your school has closed, or is otherwise unable to provide a transcript, please email to discuss your options. Please do not send any irreplaceable documents unprompted. We would be happy to work with you to find the best solution! 
What if the name on my transcript does not match my learner record?

If the name on your transcript does not match your Smartly learner record, please let us know in advance of sending an official transcript for the highest degree earned.

Foreign Language Requirement 
Prospective MBA and Executive MBA students whose native language is not English and who have not earned a degree from an accredited institution where English is the principal language of instruction can demonstrate proficiency in English through either:
  • Providing either a transcript indicating completion of at least 30 semester credit hours with an average grade of “B” at an accredited institution where the language of instruction was English; or
  • Passing (at a Smartly-specified threshold) one of the foreign language exams that we have approved. 
Details on both of the above options, including threshold scores for English language exams) can be found here in our English Language Requirements FAQs. 
Enrollment Agreement
Upon enrollment, Smartly students are required to review and sign an Enrollment Agreement, which is a contract between Smartly and the student specifying student information and details of enrollment and matriculation (including program start and completion dates), the obligations of Smartly, student rights, responsibilities, and obligations, Smartly’s complaint policy, and acceptance of the transfer credit disclosure statement. 
In order to review and sign the agreement, students will receive an email and link from our e-signature platform. To complete the enrollment agreement, open the link and review the document, ensure that all information is correct, and complete, initial, and sign the form.
The Enrollment Agreement is securely retained in a separate authenticated filestore. Data access is limited to a restricted list of administrators, and document viewing is logged.

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